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On this day each year we celebrate the life, contributions, self-less sacrifice, and altruism of one of  the greatest men to honor this world with his short presence. Although the official holiday isn’t until the third Monday of this month, on this day 80 years ago the world was forever changed. I can remember, throughout the years, the McDonald’s commercial dedicated to Dr. King, that ran and the song that went with it, “If we could light a candle for everything he’s done…” it started, and explained that, “the light would shine so brightly that all the world could see.” I also remember hearing the song made especially for him by Stevie Wonder and the lyrics contained within, “I just never understood, how a man who died for good, could not have a day that would, be set aside for his recognition…” All these things gave me a sense of the magnitude of his existence, something I was not able to experience. This birthday, for me, is a whole lot more special. Since November 4th, at around 11:00 p.m., I have seen Dr. King’s Dream come to fruition. Five days from today, our 44th President will be sworn into office as the first African American to hold the position. A true testament, in deed, to the progress America is making toward the aspirations set fourth in the ever famous speech. Dr. King’s I Have a Dream Speech is one of the most powerfully articulate, ballsy (for lack of a better word), truthful speeches I have ever heard. The sheer confidence in Dr. King’s voice only added to the monologues’ profound affect. His confidence, intelligence, poise and captivating speak are all things I see in our soon to be President. This post brings back the feelings that were stirred up inside of me on Election night after the results were announced. Feelings of joy, hope, amazement and sorrow for those who couldn’t be here to see this. Those like Dr. King and anyone else who fought for the equal rights of everyone. Those who gave their lives for a cause, a cause that has been becoming more and more within reach since their activism. I thank them for the part they played in what will happen in a few days. I thank them for the country I live in today, and for the ever progressing country that my nieces, nephews and all other young ones will inhabit in the future. THANK YOU ALL…….

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Yesterday I cried. As I drove to work, listening to the music being played on the radio that ever so accurately described what this day meant for me and millions of other Americans, my eyes welled up with tears at the possible outcome of today’s election.  The long lines I encountered at 6 am, brought an oxymoronic smile to my face. No age group went unrepresented. Young and old were there to make their voice heard.

The second round of the liquid emotion came when Jeff Johnson of BET’s The Truth announced that Barack Obama had just been elected to be the next President of the United States. The tears continued when our 44th President walked out onto the stage in Chicago, with his family, America’s family, The First Family, showing the world the new image of the Black family. Love, unity, support, strength, integrity and accomplishment left that stage affecting all who watched. As I sat in my Grandmother’s living room, all in attendance expressing their deep appreciation of this event with tear soaked faces, everyone listened to his powerful voice, eloquent speak, and hard hitting message. President Obama spoke to me when he mouthed, “It’s been a long time coming, but a change is going to come…” speaking a line from my favorite old school song, Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come.  I previously posted a video, The Great Black Vote that combined this song with some powerful images of the black experience in America. Once again my Grandmother verbalized a truly powerful statement, “I can’t believe I lived to see this.” This same comment, when spoken during the DNC, inspired a post by me, Barack and Being Black. She along with a countless amount of African Americans never thought his day would come. For my grandmother who has lived in the Jim Crow south, with an illiterate mother and brothers serving a less than deserving country, The Dream has been realized. I looked down at my niece who has only been on this earth for four years, lying in the arms of my sister, naive to this historic event that is taking place. I am happy at the progress that America has made and what this day tells me about the world she will live in. Now it’s time for us to step our game up. It’s time for us to support our newly elected President. It’s time for us to show this country, this world, that African Americans can accomplish anything. Yesterday I cried, but I didn’t cry alone. Obama believed throughout his campaign, and we supported him, YES WE CAN. History has been made, YES WE DID. Now the furture is up to us, YES WE WILL.