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Now, I HATE reality television, but I must admit that I am a part of that group of boob tube watchers who verbalize how much they really detest “reality” TV, but get sucked in by the insanely elevated amount of drama that permeates from these peoples “real” lives. Recently I have fallen prey to the reality TV king that is MTV, and one of it’s newest additions, “From G’s to Gents”. It’s basically VH1’s “Charm School”, but instead of teaching classless, loosey-goosey broads to keep their legs closed and mouths shut, they are teaching a group of fake gangsters, “G’s”, how to act properly. That is not my concern. I am really convinced that the host, Fonzworth Bentley, former assistant to P. Diddy, either has a mildly severe case of Parkinson’s Disease or an extra large spring connecting his head to the rest of his body. Yes, he’s got the shakes. Whenever he talks, his neck goes wild. Uncontrollably bouncing his head up and down, from side-to-side and sometimes it even falls down to rest on his chest and must be picked up, and replaced, by the producers of the show. Hence the massive number of sudden cuts during the program. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that he was one of those old people that constantly nod their heads, unbeknownst to them, of course. I used to work with a lady that did that and I felt guilty every time I looked at her. As we talked, my eyes would move around with her head as she bobbed and weaved. She probably thought I was the crazy one. Would somebody please get that guy an extra strength neck brace, or some meds to curb the jiggle. Unless he’s just a human bobble-head. If that’s the case, then make duplicates of him and sell ’em.  


This time he tried to push it back up all by himself!!!

This time he tried to push it back up all by himself!!!


When the ads for 2008 BET Awards began running I hardly came close to soiling my pants in anticipation. Instead, I dreaded the notion of yet another BET Award show. The less than moderately funny hosts in past years have done nothing but add to my futher dissappointment in this “we represent the black community” network. I know the Viacom monopoly doesn’t allow for too much significant “diversity” in programming, but the uncanny similarities to it’s biggest ‘competitor’, MTV are disgustingly unreal. It’s all the same, just with a sh*t load of melanin. Sorry for that tangent, but……

Now, I caught a few performances and, undoubtedly, the Alicia Keys performance was the highlight of the show. Although I am quite partial to Ms. Keys, and I’d say ‘she was great’ even if I hated her performance, I’m sure you all agree that it was, in fact, good. Thick thighs and all. Am I the only one that couldn’t take my eyes off those hips? –Let me wash my hands, and uhhhh….. That was for the true ‘ You So Crazy’ fans… You know what I mean.  Getting back to the task in hand, I mean at hand, she looked good and she sounded good. TLC, SWV and the always beautiful En Vogue didn’t disappoint either.

Before this award show I hated Ne-Yo, the person. I saw him at a celebrity AND 1 game a few years back and his attitude sucked ass. He came into the stands to sit in the announcers booth and wasn’t too happy when one fan said ‘HI’ to him too many times. Just in case you’re wondering, it wasn’t me. I’m not that beat for ANYONE. Well, I must now admit that he is “the chosen one”. I’ve never given one of his performances the time of day before, but this one got my full attention. He dances well, he can actually sing, and his stage presence as well as his overall performing  prowess impressed me.  Not only can he do these things, he writes, produces, arranges etc. TRUE TALENT.

Now, my favorite part of the show was undoubtedly, Niecy Nash.  When Rayneisha, Maurice and Slydel, her three “adopted” white kids, paraded onto the stage and she alerted the crowd saying,

 “These babies have done wonders for my credit score. To all the rappers and singers and ballers and shot callers: instead of making it rain, make a difference and get yourself some white kids.” 

 The laughter flowed uninterrupted. Niecy’s spoof was inspired by Madonna and Angelina Jolie’s urge to fly out of the country, on their priceless private jets and adopt a black baby. A real one at that. AN AFRICAN, when there are a countless number of African American children here in the good ole’ U.S. that they could have adopted. I thought it was hilarious, although a little controversial, none-the-less.


In no way possible am I now a fan of the BET Awards or BET as a whole, but I will give the next award show a chance. The BET Awards that is. The BET Hip Hop Awards, not a chance in hell. I’d rather not see T-Pain in multiple clown outfits and a crowd full of white tee’s, bling-bling, (Yeah, I said “bling-bling”, taking it back about a decade, AND WHAT?!?!) and a bunch of male asses poking through sagging, skin-tight jeans.