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JAY3ARR has not left the building. Sorry guys for the theme change on my page but I found a glitch in the other theme that didn’t allow my viewers to comment on certain blogs. Stay tuned for more rants, humor, commentary, etc.


Okay everybody, first off I must apologize for this onslaught of Crack in the F.O.W’s (Flick of the Week), but, when I saw this picture I HAD TO POST IT. Usually you see this type of poster with some positive utterance on it like, CONFIDENCE, PERSEVERANCE, or DEDICATION. This one… Not quite. Instead of motivating you or lifting you up, pun intended,  this poster gives it to you in the raw. The kid failed to get over the fence and must wait until the person taking the picture has the decency to relieve his pain riddled rear from wedgie hell. Check out the difference in color between his legs and his face. He is in some serious pain.



Posted: June 21, 2008 in F.O.W, Humor, My LIfe
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Welcome to my 1st F.O.W (Flick of the week). Today I attended my 5 year-old cousins  PRE SCHOOL gradutaion, along with other members of my family.  On my way out of the building, I pushed the faux metal door open that stood betweeen me and the outside world and Lo and Behold this was the image that was plopped down in front of me. I had to snap the shot and stay incognito, so I leaned up against the wall, flipped open my cell phone, and captured this disturbing, yet humorous flick. All praises due to the person who thought of putting a camera on a cell phone.  After I snapped the picture, I quickly got out of there, just itching and craving the moment that I would be able to post this crap, I mean this Crack. Now, I don’t know how good crack is, but that CRACK would not have me fiending!!!


Today I wore my WHO FARTED?” t-shirt and went out to run some errands on my day off.  Shop Rite was my first stop and as I entered the check out line the woman behind the conveyor belt began to laugh and said, “I like your shirt”. Once I realized the words that covered my chest, I began to laugh with her. After checking out and walking outside, I pushed my cart past a woman as she pulled out of her spot in the crowded lot and began to drive off, until she saw my shirt. Her foot came off the gas and her black, Rav-4 slowed down. Her mouth fell open in disgust, as the smoke from the cancer stick she was sucking on ran out and upward. She stared at me until I walked past her and I had no choice but to laugh as I continued toward my car. To give you guys some background, I am a quite unusual person. I’ve been told that my sense of humor is very dry, and after taking slight offense to this persons perception of what I think is funny, I had to concur because it is true. Anyway, I like to express my sense of humor to the public by wearing T-shirts with funny sayings, offensive pictures and the like. This particular “WHO FARTED?” t-shirt, ALWAYS gets a rise out of people, be it a warm reception or utter disgust. Either way, I love every bit of it.