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Greetings!!!! I don’t want you all to get too aroused at the expected political commentary to come in this blog, because I am far from a connoisseur of Politics. I just wanted to talk about the most important program that has graced the boob tube in recent history, The Democratic National Convention.  I was watching Senator Obama’s running mate for the 08 Election, Senator Joe Biden’s speech, and after he was finished, my Grandmother turned to me and in the ‘on the edge of tears voice’ uttered, “I am so grateful that I’m still alive to see this happen.”  Although I hate to hear the elderly folks in my life speak of their pending demise, these words touched me in a different way. It made me realize the magnitude of this election for those who never even imagined the possibility of such an event.  

My grandmother grew up in a “separate but equal” south, and was the youngest child to an illiterate, widowed mother. She would hear her mother crying herself to sleep each night because all of her sons were in the Military, serving a country that barely cared for them. What added to her heartache, and brought great irony to her life, was the fact that the allotment checks the government sent to her for her sons service, afforded her the much needed opportunity to support her family.

My father, raised in New Jersey, expressed the same sentiments as to the perceived unlikeliness of this monumental event in our history. He recollected anecdotes as to what lead his mind to believe that something like this would never happen and a few stuck in my mind. He would visit the south each summer and stay with my aforementioned Great-Grandmother, and once, he joined her on trip to the local store. After she gathered the items she desired to purchase, she removed a handkerchief containing money from her pocket, and placed it on the counter, for the cashier to take what he pleased and return to her what he saw fit, if anything. My father witnessed this, and being educated and able to count, he snatched it back and gave the store owner the proper amount. Another story went like this, my dad, again while in the south, went to a tobacco market with my grandfather and trailed off by himself to get a little something to eat and drink. Once he arrived at the counter, he was told to “go around the back”, to the “Colored” area. My father didn’t realize what he had experienced until he returned to school in the fall and was going through a lesson on racism. As recent as the 70’s, another trip below the Mason Dixon line brought my dad upon a sign that read, “POSITIVELY NO BLACKS!!! WHITES ONLY” as he almost entered a blatantly racist town. 

Be it the lack of education a vast majority of our ancestors possessed, the overt racism they suffered for centuries, or the progress America has made since the ending of slavery, an innumerable amount of African Americans never saw this day coming. To witness tears run down the cheeks of my grandmother, someone who has experienced outright racism, something the youth of today know ABSOLUTELY nothing of, and undoubtedly take for granted, gave me a greater sense of just how grand a black presidential nominee, not to mention a Black President is.  Or in the case of my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother and Father, just the thought of such is a awesome achievement for blacks that will indefinitely be etched into the minds and lives of ALL BLACK AMERICANS……..

Several years ago I was signing on to my Yahoo account, and in their featured news section, there was a video of an artist with talent beyond the scope of any descriptive text.  I visited his website and was pleasantly shocked at what he displayed there. His artwork ranges from self portraits, to important figures in our society, to our present commander-in-chief.  Sounds simple right? NOT IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD. What takes his artwork to another level, that NO artist I have never seen has done, is the surfaces he uses for the artwork, the way he transfers the paint to the piece, or what he uses to create certain images. For Example, his latest piece is called “Lance”. It’s titled for the seven time winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong, who, before this achievement, survived Testicular Cancer. Oh yeah, those titles were all won consecutively from 1999-2005. Talk about dominating a sport. Anyway, Phil created a painting of the bust of Mr. Armstrong by laying a canvas on the floor of his studio, attaching buckets of different paint colors to the handle bars of a TRICYCLE,and allowing the paint to run down over the wheel of the tricycle as he rode over the canvas, the tire tracks giving him his desired image.  It may sound confusing or impossible, but check it out for yourself.  Phil also tackles social issues with his artwork. Another of his pieces is of our President, ole’ Georgy Porgy. The way he executed this one, no pun intended, was taking the names of Coalition Soldiers that have been KILLED in the Iraq war up until April 30th of 2005, and he wrote them on a canvas to form the smiling leader of our nation, with the very symbol of patriotism in the background.  There are plenty more pieces that amazed me, shocked me or that were just unbelievable, contained on his site, and for the majority of them, he’s imbedded videos to watch. Chronicling the process of creating each one, for the non believers of course. Stop by, be inspired and participate in his “Goodbye Art” section. In this section, he involves the viewers of his website in some fashion and creates a work of art from what he gets from us. Once completed, this artwork is destroyed. Either by Phil or Nature. Oh yeah, for anyone who hasn’t been hibernating in recent years, check out the Goodbye Art for May, its all about Sports. One of his pieces is of Roger Clemens, but it is made from Syringes. AMAZING!!! Check out his many masterpieces and come back to let me know what you think. His website is