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It’s 2001 and I’m only a couple of years out of high school. A recent realization has sent shock waves through my life. Something I figured would be almost inevitable, due to its heavy presence in my family, was undesirably coming to past. I desperately was hoping that I would be spared from suffering with this mind altering ailment. What, you ask? M.P.B. Male Pattern Baldness. Excuse me while I wipe away the tears. Although what I noticed was only a bit of thinning, I reacted quite furiously. “I’m too damn young”, I pleaded. “WHY?  WHY ME?  WHY NOW?” Deep depression shortly ensued and I thought my life was over. Knowing that most of my Uncles on my mother’s side of the family sported Cue Balls and some a “Homie da’ Clown” look, I began to inquire. Legend has it that the majority of them were clean bald long before they even graduated High School, all due to genetics. WHEEWW!!!! With that bit of knowledge I realize that I’m a little ahead of the curve. 

Over the past few years it has gotten worse but not by much. I’ve been licked by the cow, but fortunately for me, she left some hair behind. In recent years I’ve tried different ways to mask the thinning or prolong the time I have with my precious hair. A short curly fro, extremely close hair cuts and Braids (the most extreme), were a couple avenues I traveled down. None really satiated my desire for everlasting hair, so of late I have been considering the unmentionable. Cutting it all off. I try not to utter those words too often because of the pain it leaves in my heart.  “Oh the Agony!!!” Being that I have a large, oddly shaped head and have been called “Widget the World Watcher” in the past, I dread the day that will soon arrive. Now I finally, understand the reasoning behind the Combovers, Homie da’ Clowns, and road kill toupees my fellow M.P.B sufferers sport in an effort to keep what is so dear to us.


                                   "The gelled down look"  




Now, I HATE reality television, but I must admit that I am a part of that group of boob tube watchers who verbalize how much they really detest “reality” TV, but get sucked in by the insanely elevated amount of drama that permeates from these peoples “real” lives. Recently I have fallen prey to the reality TV king that is MTV, and one of it’s newest additions, “From G’s to Gents”. It’s basically VH1’s “Charm School”, but instead of teaching classless, loosey-goosey broads to keep their legs closed and mouths shut, they are teaching a group of fake gangsters, “G’s”, how to act properly. That is not my concern. I am really convinced that the host, Fonzworth Bentley, former assistant to P. Diddy, either has a mildly severe case of Parkinson’s Disease or an extra large spring connecting his head to the rest of his body. Yes, he’s got the shakes. Whenever he talks, his neck goes wild. Uncontrollably bouncing his head up and down, from side-to-side and sometimes it even falls down to rest on his chest and must be picked up, and replaced, by the producers of the show. Hence the massive number of sudden cuts during the program. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that he was one of those old people that constantly nod their heads, unbeknownst to them, of course. I used to work with a lady that did that and I felt guilty every time I looked at her. As we talked, my eyes would move around with her head as she bobbed and weaved. She probably thought I was the crazy one. Would somebody please get that guy an extra strength neck brace, or some meds to curb the jiggle. Unless he’s just a human bobble-head. If that’s the case, then make duplicates of him and sell ’em.  


This time he tried to push it back up all by himself!!!

This time he tried to push it back up all by himself!!!

I don’t usually buy CD’s, or any other form of music, for that matter, but I do make the very, very occasional exception. There are a handful of artists who I enjoy and an even fewer amount whose album I will purchase every time they drop something new. This very short list includes, The Greatest Rapper alive, Nas, the modern day Teddy Pendergrass, Jaheim, and the laid back, ‘just-like-me’ kinda guy, Musiq Soulchild.

Recently, I was flickin’ and chillin’, that’s watching TV for those of you who aren’t familiar with Martin Lawrence’s “You So Crazy”, and I came across Good Day America, no it was Good Morning America, I’m sorry, it was Good Day New York. Or maybe it was Buenos Dias America?! It was one of  those damn, annoying morning shows that you can’t get away from. You know the ones I’m talking about, you either have to watch one of them or some channel that runs Paid Programing until 8 every morning. Anyway, sorry for the tangent, my mind wanders. Okay, I was surfing through the monotony and heard a beautiful voice, I continued to watch and heard “Chasing Pavements” by a British artist, Adele. Her jazz influenced voice reminds one, right away, of Amy Winehouse. But, her sound is very different from Ms. Winehouse’s hard, raspy, almost masculine delivery. She’s my Amy Winehouse with a few more pounds and a lot less drugs. She’s beautiful. I’m really into the Neo-Soul set, if you will, and this mellow music really appealed to me. So, I went out and bought her album shortly after it was released. It’s called ‘Adele 19’.

Immediately I fell in love with this woman and her “crushed velvet” voice. I say crushed velvet instead of just plain old velvet because her accent, the sudden inflections in her voice, the perfectly placed intonations all added some texture to her otherwise extra smooth vocal sounds. The album was written by Adele when she was 19, hence the title of the album, and it’s about love, the resulting heartache, and lingering questions Adele has after a recent breakup. Okay, I said all that to say, I am now a fan of Adele’s and have added her to the short, very selective list of favorite artists. The end…


I know I’m a couple of weeks late but I really wanted to comment on the two part documentary that aired on CNN, produced by Soledad O’Brien, Black in America. A significant portion of the documentary was centered on the Rand family and showcased a sort of juxtaposition within their family and people connected to them. It exhibited some members who were anomalies of the black community and went on to have great successes, as well as presented those who became a product of their negative environment. I feel the documentary tried to close the gap between the two groups by showcasing the fact that the more affluent, educated blacks still incurred racism no matter where they lived, what title they held and/or how much money they made.  Some issues that were covered included; struggling single mothers, drug addiction, college, interracial relationships, success, racism, the AIDS epidemic, etc., all things that have a profound effect on our community be it negative or positive. What I was puzzled about was the fact that I, as well as the other blacks that I talked to about the documentaries, already knew a great majority of what was being presented to us. This lead me to think that the target demographic wasn’t those in the Black Community. My thoughts were absolutely confirmed when Soledad defined the term, “baby daddy”, during a segment where she spoke to a woman who created a website called, “Marry your baby Daddy”. Then I thought, ‘Do those who aren’t minorities really care about the state of the black community? Was this documentary made to garner sympathy for Blacks in America?’ I know this may sound a little closed minded, but that was my honest thought.  I also noticed that, at times, Soledad would present a problem in our community, then give some excuse for it. For example, just because the statistics say that black men are on the same playing field as a white criminal, when it comes to getting a job, that is not the sole reason why the unemployment rate is much higher for Blacks than for our white counterparts. We don’t need others to feel sorry for us, so they might want to help. We need to feel sorry for ourselves. If we want the Black Community to change, we have to start from within. Just like if you want to change as an individual, a simple change of your hair color or a new wardrobe is not going to do it. You have to start from within and work outward. 

Now there were a few thins that I was pleased with concerning the documentary. The Emergency Room Doctor in Baltimore, Maryland, who started the V.I.P. program (Violence Intervention Program) is doing a great thing. Dr. Carnell Cooper takes the young men who come into his trauma center as a result of violence and offer them a way off of the streets. He gives them the opportunity to take advantage of a GED program if they aren’t in school and if they are, offers to help them finish high school. He also assist the young victims with finding a job. Although the situation that brings the young people to him is greatly unfortunate, he is performing a much-needed service in one of the most crime stricken black communities in America.

“Marry Your Baby Daddy Day” is an attempt to curb the plague of fatherless homes in the black community, as well as other communities, by Maryann Reid who hopes to “bring black love back in style.” This initiative offers an “All expense paid, Wedding Extravaganza” for couples with children who are living together and want to tie the knot. The idea is great, although the name has a slightly negative connotation due to it’s containment of the phrase, “baby daddy”. 

Overall, the documentary did a good job at revealing negative and positive aspects of the black community. To those who don’t live through them everyday, that is.  From the media outlets that I heard advertisements and promotions for this documentary, it seemed to me they were targeting blacks, but once I viewed it, I was convinced their target wasn’t the audience in which they showcased.

What’s going on everybody? Long time no post. Yeah, I know. Alright, for those of you who have been craving the rants, comical life stories and opinionated commentary from Jay3arr, and have been awaiting my return with bated breath, it is finally here. I’ll be honest, when I started this blog thing and everything was so new, I was excited to post and share what I had to say with the world. I must admit though, the initial excitement wavered a little and I was overwhelmed with keeping up with this thing, but with anything that you want to work, one must put forth the necessary effort to get it done. You’ll only get out of something what you put into it. So I’m back and ready to get it going. Again, I apologize to those of you whose depression worsened as the post-less days went on. I’m here to talk you all down from the ledges and tell you to drop the knives. For Jay3arr has returned!!!!!