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Although the hot weather has been around for about a month and a couple weeks now, maybe longer, summer officially arrived about a week and a half ago. Within that short amount of time many people have graced my eyes with their ever so appalling presence.  My inspiration for this post came when I saw a woman walking down the street, on one of those upper 90 degree days, wearing a halter top. The shirt ended just slightly below her belly button, but her stomach continued, over the much needed elastic waist band in her shorts. The flab jiggled from side to side, being forced upward as her thighs came forward while she walked. (Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap a photo due to the fact that I was driving.) I almost crashed my car after my eyes were forced shut by the small amount of throw-up that made it’s way up my esophagus and into the back of my mouth. Now my next summer sighting was a beer-gutted guy, wearing a mesh, wife beater. You know, the one that looks like, if the owner wanted to, he could take it off and catch butterflies, or dip in in the pond and pull out a gang of fish. These shirts have always amused me. Oh yeah, the overwhelming, bright, squint causing, NEON, wife beaters are also on the list of humor inducing summer clothing. Especially when they are in groups, like the two I saw this weekend at the park. It seems to me that when the nice weather rolls around, the KEG’s come out, wearing the most revealing clothing, a tight wife beater, bearing holes with their “TACO MEAT” chest hair curling through the openings. One thing I can say about the plethora of people who step outside, hosting such a display of unhealthiness, is their massive confindence. You either have to be quite over confident or just plain crass, with an extreme disregard for the vision and stomachs of others.