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Below is a picture I received a few months back in an email riddled with humorous photos, but this one was, by far, the funniest. After the boxer soaking laughter ended, I was puzzled as to what the subject of the picture is actually doing. I came up with a few possibilities and here they are…

1. After jumping out of the nearby window of his padded room, and leaving the straight jacket behind, he was busted by the security camera perched outside his window. 

2. While enjoying the suction from the temperature control unit beneath him, his grandmother, now sweating profusely and on the verge of heat exhaustion, found him as the result of the ineffective air conditioning system.

3. This was the picture he posted on, but unfortunately his membership was revoked after management at the site realized he was black…with dreadlocks…and big, blood shot eyes. 

4. He had just arrived at Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house and was about to break-in, when a neighbor walking by commented, “Wow sir, what big eyes you have.” To this he responded, “Mind your damn business, bitch, before I blow yo’ ass down.”

These are all I could come up with, guys. Please attempt to shed some light on the subject by leaving your ideas, in the comments section, of WTF is going on in this flick.