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First official iPhone blog. You should really be excited right now!!!!! Just wanna post this Restaurant sign Fail. No big deal. Just me being the over-attentive critic that I am. I wonder if they serve breakfast too.


A few weeks back I published a post called “Road Realizations”. In said post I listed a few things that start my blood a’ boilin’ while driving. One of those things was personalized license plates. I think they are extremely lame and should be outlawed immediately. Moving violations will be handed out to all who possess a personalized plate from this day forward. The thing is, a lot of these plates can be easily misconstrued, and with my over-active, perverted, and sometimes just barely working brain, I go with whatever pops in there first. Now, in preparation for this post, I have been compiling some flicks that I snapped out on the road of the feeble attempts at vehicular self expression. Along with these pics, will be other plates that I wasn’t able to capture while driving but still took note of. Speaking of risking life and limb while doing something in the car that isn’t driving, check out one of my previous posts about Bimbo’s. They’re soft, huggable and tasty!!! 









— Although this person may spend a lot of his time away from home, the owner is obviously a man who lives his life as a woman, and wants everyone to know just how much he enjoys cross-dressing. Hence the meaning of the inscription, “Never him”.







"Jean. C"






–A fan of “Cheers” are we? Unfortunately though, everybody doesn’t want to know your name, Jean C. Maybe this person should hook up with “NEVERHM” for some sexually ambiguous fun. Well, what do you expect? Jean is one of those names. 












— Here is an example of the Spanish Speaking sector of the population trying to force their language on us Americans, once again. First, the Secaucus Wal-Mart refuses to hire workers who speak English, now this. Let’s take back America people.








"KITTY   18"

"KITTY 18"




— For her 18th birthday, Kitty got a car. Now at age 42, every time she looks at her plate, she thinks back to the days when her “Kitty” (wink, wink) held up better to constant traffic, and was able to grip things better. (wink, wink) Like the road. 








Now, for some that, unfortunately, I couldn’t snap a flick for…..

COWGRRRRL” –  this plate reveals the drivers’ favorite sexual position, the Cow Girl. It also lets on that, when in that position, she growls like a big hungry bear. 

WONBY3” – Didn’t understand this one until I saw the NY Giants logo to the left of the inscription.  In Super Bowl 42, the New York Giants, “WON BY 3”. Or, you could say the New England Patriots got, “BEATEN BY 3”. Well, so did Plaxico Burress’ wife, within a few months of the victory.  As multiple restraining orders were filed by her against him with the local police station.

10  SIS”  – This guy, driving a white van with the windows blacked out, A Chester Van, is obviously angry with his mother. If I had ten sisters, I too, would let the world know how much of a whore my mother was. Don’t know who Chester is? Click here to find out….


Below is a picture I received a few months back in an email riddled with humorous photos, but this one was, by far, the funniest. After the boxer soaking laughter ended, I was puzzled as to what the subject of the picture is actually doing. I came up with a few possibilities and here they are…

1. After jumping out of the nearby window of his padded room, and leaving the straight jacket behind, he was busted by the security camera perched outside his window. 

2. While enjoying the suction from the temperature control unit beneath him, his grandmother, now sweating profusely and on the verge of heat exhaustion, found him as the result of the ineffective air conditioning system.

3. This was the picture he posted on, but unfortunately his membership was revoked after management at the site realized he was black…with dreadlocks…and big, blood shot eyes. 

4. He had just arrived at Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house and was about to break-in, when a neighbor walking by commented, “Wow sir, what big eyes you have.” To this he responded, “Mind your damn business, bitch, before I blow yo’ ass down.”

These are all I could come up with, guys. Please attempt to shed some light on the subject by leaving your ideas, in the comments section, of WTF is going on in this flick.



Okay everybody, first off I must apologize for this onslaught of Crack in the F.O.W’s (Flick of the Week), but, when I saw this picture I HAD TO POST IT. Usually you see this type of poster with some positive utterance on it like, CONFIDENCE, PERSEVERANCE, or DEDICATION. This one… Not quite. Instead of motivating you or lifting you up, pun intended,  this poster gives it to you in the raw. The kid failed to get over the fence and must wait until the person taking the picture has the decency to relieve his pain riddled rear from wedgie hell. Check out the difference in color between his legs and his face. He is in some serious pain.



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Welcome to my 1st F.O.W (Flick of the week). Today I attended my 5 year-old cousins  PRE SCHOOL gradutaion, along with other members of my family.  On my way out of the building, I pushed the faux metal door open that stood betweeen me and the outside world and Lo and Behold this was the image that was plopped down in front of me. I had to snap the shot and stay incognito, so I leaned up against the wall, flipped open my cell phone, and captured this disturbing, yet humorous flick. All praises due to the person who thought of putting a camera on a cell phone.  After I snapped the picture, I quickly got out of there, just itching and craving the moment that I would be able to post this crap, I mean this Crack. Now, I don’t know how good crack is, but that CRACK would not have me fiending!!!



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What’s up everybody.  I’ve decided that I will add different features here as I get more acquainted with this blog thing, so for today, I will be rolling out “FLICK OF THE WEEK” aka F.O.W. As the name implies, it will be a weekly feature and will be ready for viewing every Saturday morning. Mix it with your coffee, or whatever beverage you decide to consume, and get your weekend started off right. Throughout my day, often times I am inspired by, appauled by, and or humored by the plethora of sights that catch my eye. These pictures may be funny, touching, disgusting, etc. but I will explain the situation behind each one of them, then leave the forum open for any comments, rebutals or agreeances. Get Ready because this new feature will be like the New York Lottery, “Hey, you never know.” The first F.O.W is ready for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!!! or should I say BEWARE.