While on YouTube I came across some Old School Hip-Hop and thought I’d post a few videos here for your enjoyment. I’m not a huge Hip-Hop head, but I do remember the good ole’ days. Below,  enjoy some positive, socially conscious rap music, impeccable story telling, and some just plain fun hip hop.


High Top fades and the Running Man….. Classic.


One of my favorites… KRS One, MC Lyte, Public Enemy (Before the bafoonery of Flavor Flav), Doug E. Fresh. Unfortunately, this kind of hip hop would NEVER get airplay nowadays, or even get put on the preverbal wax because this isn’t the message that the record companies want to put out there. Now dance craze songs like “Stanky Leg” or raps about how many people they’ve murdered or women they’ve screwed, “PRESS THOSE RIGHT UP.”  


Some of my most favorite rap artists are great story tellers. Biggie Smalls’ – I Got a Story to Tell, and Nas’ – Rewind, are two of my all time favorites. For an Old School story check out Slick Rick’s – Children’s Story. 


I know this isn’t the list of all lists, but just a few. What classic hip hop was your favorite? Leave it in the comments…


  1. PGallen says:

    I’m growing tired of the garbage they continue to put out these days. There is no more use of the english language to convey thought.

    Its, hook, autotune, rinse, repeat.

    All time fav: The Roots-Illdelph Halflife

    Anything Pharcyde works too.

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