I popped in The Eminem Show CD on my way home from work tonight and I wondered… where is the Real Slim Shady? He hasn’t put out an album in four years and I was just curious as to when we could count on another hit from Eminem. Since Mr. Shady’s last album, it has been reported that he entered rehab for his dependency on sleep medication. During this hiatus, his close friend and recent best man, Proof, was killed in a Detroit nightclub. Evidently this added tragedy was just fuel for the hiatus fire.

Well, I searched the net and found that Eminem is scheduled to release an album. The Empack may possibly be released before the end of the year.  Hopefully we won’t be stood up by the people at Interscope too much longer. Eminen is definitely one of the biggest hip hop artists of our time and probably the most controversial. His fearless exposure of the events in his life makes us all interested in what he’ll reveal next. His sick flow has been matched by few other rap artists, and those hard hitting Dr. Dre beats always seem to keep our heads nodding. Sometimes his music is like a guilty pleasure considering the bold, shocking, risque, even over the top lyrics that his songs are comprised of.  Soon we will have another album from Mr. Mathers and the desire for the raunchy, violent, and at times, oddly happy-go-lucky music with sprinkles of social consciousness will be ours. All ours….



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