Eviction Notice for “Run’s House”

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Commentary, Humor
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Is anybody else as tired of “Run’s House” as much as I am? I mean come on… At first it was great to see a black family on television that didn’t perpetuate every stereotype in the book, but now it’s getting a little, monotonous, scripted and predictable, not to mention outright boring. Doesn’t it seem like everything always works out at the end of each episode? Like in a SITCOM? That’s realtiy T.V. for ya.

First I must address the Hip Hop Career, or lack there of, of Jo-Jo and his crew, Team Blackout. You have got to be kidding me. Either his father, the former member of a pioneering Hip Hop group, is that out of touch, or he is now out of his mind. Wouldn’t you tell the people you love that they are making a fool of themselves?  Just because you are the offspring of a legend in the game of Hip Hop doesn’t mean you can do it too, Jo-Jo. Funny name right? Jo-Jo.  🙂

And those beautiful girls, Vanessa and Angela. To use Vanessa’s words, “Nepotism is alive and well.” You damn skippy it is. They wouldn’t have a sneaker line, Angela wouldn’t have her own Magazine, and Vanessa wouldn’t be a “hollywood actress” if their Daddy wasn’t Rev. Run. 

I’m also tired of seeing Justine in a Moo-Moo every time the camera captures her. Anyway, check out “Team Blackout’s” video “J5 on ’em” so I won’t be the only one laughing. WTF is the turquoise jacket guy doing at around the 2:30 mark???? 


The Result of Run’s House…


  1. Keema says:

    OKAY, I am officially caught up with the blogs! I have to say that I it’s not often I find the opportunity to check in on a regular basis, however, I’m extremely proud of you and your work. I can’t say that I’m suprised though, you’ve always been great at whatever you put your mind to! luv ya, keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Luckystar says:

    I actually like Runs show. Its like watchingg a real life Cosby show though half of it is written.

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