SHEER DOMINANCE!!!- F.O.W (Flick of the week)

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Commentary, Uplifting
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(Pictures were removed due to technical difficulties. But read on…. You’ll do fine without them.)

Alright guys and dolls, sorry for the delay on this week’s F.O.W.  (Insert lame excuse here)  And since I am late, I will make up for it and post two F.O.W’s. You lucky bastards.  Getting down to it, this weeks flicks really draw up a sense of pride in me. I’ve always been a slight fan of Professional tennis, but I never really kept up too much with the tournaments, or the players. About a year ago is when I first seriously stepped onto a tennis court, and ever since then I have watched a great deal of tennis on TV. This weekend of tennis, specifically Saturday’s events, probably were the most prideful of all the tennis events I’ve ever witnessed. Not only did Venus and Serena Williams both make thier way through a draw of 128 players in the singles tournament at this years Wimbledon, forcing a family dominated Finals, but they also made it to the Finals in the doubles tournament as well. Venus won the singles title and they both took home Championship trophy’s in the doubles tournament. Years ago Richard Williams, the father and coach of Venus and Serena, predicted that his daughters ‘would dominate the sport of women’s tennis’. Be it the aggressive confidence, often displayed by Richard, or just a premonition, it is a fact, and now a reality. Between the two they have 68 singles titles and 21 doubles titles in their career. Of those singles titles, 15 were grabbed at a Grand Slam event. The previous stats are all as of now in their careers. I’m positive, and I’m sure Richard is too, that these girls will continue to pile up the titles, trophy’s and respect that they deserve for their outstanding achievements in the second most popular sport in the WORLD, tennis.

  1. Baseer says:

    I like what the girl have done it the world of tennis and the manner in which they conduct themselves on and off the the court to date.

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