RE-POST- The 2nd time around. Possibly…hopefully…

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Uplifting
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The most socially conscious, thought provoking, and with one of his more recent documentaries, effectively daring, director of our times may be going back for a second round in the Gulf Coast.  Spike Lee says he may revist, not only New Orleans, but other areas still devestated by Hurricane Katrina.  “I’m going to go back…because it’s not over.  What the press is not really talking about is the mental state — suicide, self-medication,” he said. “It’s horrible.” “When the Levees Broke” was extremely poignant as it put on display the events that lead up to, what happened during the course of, and the after effects of the massive flood. The pictures of floating corpses, others lying on the street, bloated from the water that had been absorbed by their bodies, the huge X’s on the exterior of homes, that symbolized the date searched, hazardous materials that may be inside and a BODY COUNT, all came together to seriously touch those who viewed it. Hopefully, Mr. Lee will go back for a second time and expose the lack of governmental support, the mental anguish that resulted from the tragedy and bring another effective documentary revealing the real deal of what’s going on now in the affected areas.  

  1. Khaleedah says:

    I am glad to hear that Spike Lee is goin back for a second time to expose the lack of care by the governement. I went to the lower 9th ward last year and you still smell death in the air. It still looked as if no one bothered to clean up the area. Houses were still pushed into other houses along with cars and school buses that were over turned by the water. Its a sad and very dissappointing to know that if you are of a lower income status no one cares.

    Keep your eyes open for condo’s and golf coures over looking the water in the lower 9th Ward in a few years to come!!!

  2. Baseer says:

    Sounds as if Spikes follow coverage of the flood will provide another view of the aftermath of the tragedy. I look forward to all accounts on the subject matter.

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