SKID MARKS FOR DAYS!!!-F.O.W- (Flick of the Week)

Posted: June 27, 2008 in F.O.W, Humor
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Okay everybody, first off I must apologize for this onslaught of Crack in the F.O.W’s (Flick of the Week), but, when I saw this picture I HAD TO POST IT. Usually you see this type of poster with some positive utterance on it like, CONFIDENCE, PERSEVERANCE, or DEDICATION. This one… Not quite. Instead of motivating you or lifting you up, pun intended,  this poster gives it to you in the raw. The kid failed to get over the fence and must wait until the person taking the picture has the decency to relieve his pain riddled rear from wedgie hell. Check out the difference in color between his legs and his face. He is in some serious pain.


  1. Angelica says:

    ohh 😦 that looks painfull……but thanks for making me laugh… always made me laugh in class.

  2. Shenita says:

    That little boy just experienced how I feel when I wear a thong. I’m sure that crack was on fire! Poor baby…

  3. Khaleedah says:

    lmao!!!!! that looks painful & the person that took the pic is not right!

  4. Baseer says:

    Looks as if his failure to enter or exit where intended resulted in him being caught up.

  5. anon. says:

    dude thats perverted

  6. dragosphere 152 says:


  7. jenna says:

    wedgies dont hurt that bad

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