Pink & Green – Red &White – Purple & Gold

Posted: June 22, 2008 in Uplifting
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Last Saturday I joined my sister at a Greek picnic, given by my town’s recreation department. This picnic was for Fraternities and Sororities, with local chapters, and their families. My sister and I were assigned the job of painting faces for the kids who desired such entertainment.  Coming into this, I had my thoughts and conceptions as to what Fraternities and Sororities were about and I wasn’t at all pumping my fist for them. Throughout life, my only exposure to these groups has been through the media and a whole lot of hearsay, but upon being there amongst the different groups, my mind was forever changed. I saw past the alleged hazing rituals, embarrassment, disrespect and the supposed inferiority that those who had already crossed over inflict on those who sought acceptance.  I saw camraderie.  Joy permeated  the site as we all enjoyed each other.  The wide array of colors scattered throughout that area of the park took my eye every which way, watching as the different groups co-mingled, coming together to celebrate “US”.  Then, the step show started. The sassy, confident swagger of the AKA‘s was infectious as they held their hands up to their own faces and looked in the mirrors made out of flesh, and the “SKEEEEEEE WEEEEEEE” they proudly sang filled the air as they held their heads high. The DELTA’s threw up their diamonds represeting for their “sorors”. The red that covered some and was scattered on others shined bright as they let the “OOOOOWWWWOOOOOPPPP” out of their mouths.  The Q- DOGS stayed true to the old addage and barked loudly as their brothers tore the stage down, wearing their purple and gold with pride. They stomped on the stage and I could feel the rumble under my feet, symbolizing their Strength and Power.  All of the traits that these groups portray are all things we, in the black community, need to embody.  Strength, Confidence, Pride, Achievement, Education, Unity……… PEACE.

  1. Hadiyah Abdul-Saboor says:

    Jazz that was a very interesting essay to write about im sure. I just wanted to let you know i stopped by and to tell you that im proud of you. i enjoyed reading that and i will back to the site to read some more….lata

  2. Baseer says:

    Having had the Greek experience in high school(Omicron Psi Epsilon) Kind of took the excitement and desire from me when I entered college. In any case, for a surety , we need to espouse unity, brother and sisterhood on a daily basis, beginning in our immediate families.

  3. Jameelah Mack says:

    Aww man, Jaz! Now I am the only one that thinks that fraternities and sororities are Black College Gangs!

  4. Jazz:
    I’m so proud of you, you have the tenacidy to complete what you start.I remember how you stuck with it untill you finally got thru college. I also think you are very good at expressing your feelings thru your writings. Keep at it, you will someday be someone everyone will recognize. You know Nana is so very proud of you.

  5. Crainysha Rutherford says:

    Very nice cuzz… I really enjoyed that!!!
    Keep up the good work..
    God Bless!!!!!

  6. Khaleedah says:

    In college they do seem like gang’s. Hazing to me is like getting jumped. But once you learn the history they do represent Strength, Confidence, Pride, Achievement, Education, and Unity!

  7. kee says:

    jaz, i’m glad you accompanied me. it’s a wonderful feeling to see our people unified for something positive! it was beautiful! like u, i once viewed sororities and frat’s as something not so cool but after being around them in a matured form i’ve learned otherwise!!

    Keep em’ comin Jaz!

  8. Nai says:

    Wow! Your blogs range in topic and intensity and let me tell you that I am both intrigued and enlightened. Thanx. I always saw the “pink & green’s” of the world as these groups that were so damn full of lost souls, those craving acceptance and a place in the world; friendship….I don’t know…they just seem like one big gimmic. As I have grown a bit, and further from reading your experience, I see that they represent unity and a sense of belonging for all those in need. They do so much for the community. Shit, sometimes I wish I would have bit the bullet and joined, and then maybe one of my “sista’s” could have hooked me up with a new gig (job). peace

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