My 1st post!!!

Posted: June 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

What’s goin’ on everybody? Welcome to Jay3arr’s world.  First off I’d like to thank you guys for visiting and hope that you’ll come back often, to read my rants about current social issues, pop culture, sports and even the crazy and comical entity that is my life.

So, you gotta ‘Stay Tuned’ cause there’s more to see, through the technical difficulties…(Line from “Unbreakable”)- for those who are a little slower than the rest of us…

P.S. – I’m in love with Alicia Keys….

  1. Mz. Brina says:

    And I’m in love with Idris Elba, Eddie House and Floyd Mayweather :o)

  2. Bareefah says:

    Just wanted to check out ur site Jaz…very nice. Can’t wait to read about some current events.

    …And when u make it big as a writer use some of ur connects to introduce me to Boris Kodjoe…minus his wife…LOL

  3. Sister says:

    Hey brother! Just dropping by to say hey! I will be stopping by often

  4. Sister says:

    I never knew you loved thick ’ems. What happened to Tyra?

    By the way I llllllllluuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvv Shawn Corey Carter

  5. Baseer says:

    Hey you u,

    Missed you the pass couple of family events. Hope you progressing and staying posiitve. Looking forward to working with you on somthing in the future.

    Much love,

    BAseer, The Fam

  6. Cray says:

    Hey cuz… I will be stopping by alot more leaving you some notes…
    By the way Alicia Keys I love her music!!!

    Take care

  7. kee says:

    Hey jaz,
    just wanted to stop by to say i’m proud of you and look forward to stopping by to hear what you have 2 say! i know u may have wondered what took me so long 2 stop in but i’m usually here when u r posting so i already knew what would be here when i finally came! keep up the good work!

  8. Shenita says:

    Good job buddy. I guess the letter wasn’t enough you had to create a blog spot (hee hee). I look forward to the thought provoking topics and comedy I’m sure this will be interesting.

  9. Seems as though you have a good taste for talent. I think Alicia Keyes has a very diverse talent in every type of Music.

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